Monday, August 31, 2015

A Peaceful Mystery and More Progress

Progress Report!

Three blocks are now printed with the Water block having been completed, ooooh, about 30 minutes ago. I worked my helper Suzanne Salsbury until she cried...well, no, maybe that was ME that was crying! But we managed to print 75 prints today to finish off the block. We now have 156+136+135 prints done or 427 done and about 850 to go.

The LOVE BOAAAAT, I mean the Love Block is next, all prepped and ready for ink. Why do I keep singing the Love Boat song? Well when I first came to 'Merrica, I was assigned a good dose of daily television by my English as a Second Language teacher. So I learned all about the Brady Bunch, Opie's show, the Love Boat, Bewitched, and others like that. My cousins helped a lot, mostly screaming at Donny and Marie Osmond (mostly at Donny) and, oh yes, the Jackson Five with little Michael. I learned English fast :-)

Anyhow, back at the studio...

The Peaceful Mystery

So now to my mystery. If you recall I had some drop outs and had to cut some substitute blocks. I had just cut a block to fill in the Sun block. That's my block "You've got a friend" with the one dude helping the other dude get up the mountain. That's also my block above it with the happy Maria enjoying the vastness and beauty of nature. So when I received the block that belongs where the Friends go, I was happy to get something made by a participant other than Maria. Then I nearly freaked out...
The block I received was from an art festival friend and excellent artist and she designed the word "Peace" in Hebrew. Beautiful lettering and nothing strange about that...
...except that the block that is right next to it has the word "Peace" in Arabic. These participant artists do not know each other, neither knew the location of their block, and I randomly assign blocks to artists after they are packed so I don't know where they go or who will carve them. Make of that what you will! I love a good destiny mystery.
I will have to flip the letters in order for them to read correctly but all I could say is WOW! Then I looked up very carefully...

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