Thursday, April 21, 2011

Carol Chapel's contribution from the Northwest USA

Another block comes home! Here is Carol Chapel's addition to the City of the World, all the way from Corvallis, Oregon in Northwestern USA.
I am drawn to the insertion of bits of nature in the midst of a city. I have no idea where Carol's piece fits in. But the most enjoyable part of this process is watching the puzzle come alive when I finally insert all the pieces in place. Akin to assembling a "real" jig-saw puzzle, there is nothing but an empty shell to begin and, as the pieces come together, the design truly takes on a new meaning with each piece.

Upon assembly I feel like I'm rebirthing my wood-skeleton with new life, bit by bit. Really an awesome feeling.
These handsome feathered denizes will undoubtedly liven up whatever corner of the City they end up in. Thank you Carol for reminding us that the cities of the world are also host to a variety of neighbors from the "other" animal kingdom.
Contribution from Carol Chapel:
Pigeons in the City of the World

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First arrival all the way from Japan!

Always an exciting day when my blocks begin returning home. I sure wasn't expecting any to arrive so soon, even before some have not yet found their destinations!
But here it is, the amazing George Jarvis from Japan and his always delightful contribution.

A close up of this intimate and insightful piece of what promises to be a glorious City.

The photos in the Japanese newspaper just break your heart. If anyone has ever had anything destroyed or even damaged by the devastating forces of nature, the feeling is that of complete helplessness.

I normally think that talking about art is superfluous to the image and interferes with the one-on-one communication between artist and audience. But I personally found it most intriguing how the image George Jarvis chose to share with us was one of everyday routine, calm and intimate. A glimpse at life inside the confines and safety of the home, despite the chaos outside.
Perhaps the image hints at the strength of will of the Japanese people, intent on forcing normalcy amidst turbulent times.

Welcome to the City of the World!