Thursday, April 21, 2011

Carol Chapel's contribution from the Northwest USA

Another block comes home! Here is Carol Chapel's addition to the City of the World, all the way from Corvallis, Oregon in Northwestern USA.
I am drawn to the insertion of bits of nature in the midst of a city. I have no idea where Carol's piece fits in. But the most enjoyable part of this process is watching the puzzle come alive when I finally insert all the pieces in place. Akin to assembling a "real" jig-saw puzzle, there is nothing but an empty shell to begin and, as the pieces come together, the design truly takes on a new meaning with each piece.

Upon assembly I feel like I'm rebirthing my wood-skeleton with new life, bit by bit. Really an awesome feeling.
These handsome feathered denizes will undoubtedly liven up whatever corner of the City they end up in. Thank you Carol for reminding us that the cities of the world are also host to a variety of neighbors from the "other" animal kingdom.
Contribution from Carol Chapel:
Pigeons in the City of the World


  1. Great idea, Carol! And Maria, I'm so jealous. It must be very exciting when you find one of the little pieces in your mailbox, having wound it's way back to you all transformed, and you get to open it, with no idea what you will find! I'm living vicariously through your blog! This is too much fun!

  2. That's super... I love the two blocks that have arrived thus far. Thanks, Maria, for sharing the arrivals. It's helps motivate me to finish my block early rather than later in the year.