Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Puzzle Progress: The Nature of Humans

The Nature of Humans

As sketching progresses I am mindful of all the "requirements" for the background image in one of these puzzle projects. 
1. The background image is merely a matrix for holding the images/ideas/concepts/interpretations of each individual participants and must remain just that: a humble and semi-transparent yet unifying background.
2. Size-wise, it will be rather large and sized according to paper (panel) size.
3. Although hinting at the theme, it must not superimpose itself to the detailed "puzzle pieces" but point to them; lure the viewer to the details as well as "hold up" on its own from a distance.
4. Large forms must be divisible into logical (or somewhat) puzzle pieces to accommodate individual contributions.

So far here is the image. I toyed with adding elements of nature like branches and leaves perhaps but thought that, in my interpretation, the design should be empty so that the artist contributors will define human nature in 60 different ways.
I left the background as bare earth in topographic rendering, bare human figures empty of everything and awaiting YOUR input.
Once transferred to big pieces of wood and carved, the design, like human nature, will change again. The individual contributions bring it to life!

Human.Nature. latest background image
Size approximately 40" x 52" (102 x 132 cm)
Small divisions within the figures represent roughly
the size, location and relationship of participant puzzle pieces

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