Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Peace Puzzle and 1000 Woodcuts to Exhibit at Creative Framing & Gallery in California


Just finished exhibiting the previous four puzzle prints at the West Las Vegas Library Gallery courtesy of Clark County & City of Las Vegas Library District Arts Programs. Wonderful venues and always attract young and old art and book lovers and visitors from all over. Thank you all who came by and filled out the guest book.

And always joyous occasions when upcoming shows are taking form! Planning ahead to March 4th, save the date! 

Here is the announcement Peace Puzzle Print (plus!) 

Post Cards for all!

The amazing Heather Piazza went on a work binge on Monday and sent me about 6287 messages ding ding ding ding ding dinnnnnggggg! about this show. By nightfall, she had the post card invitation all done. We are working on all the details but meanwhile, follow the link above and sign up to attend the exhibit opening or just say you are interested if you might make it or like it.
And pass these around! 

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy Season Giveaway!

Time to Give

Last year I had a holiday giveaway for some of my woodcut cards and enjoyed it very much; I mailed out near 230 cards. The way I see it, might as well send cards to people who want them, right? Right!
So I printed yesterday and today and I'm ready again for the big mailing. I made some pinecones, reference to seeds. When I find myself not caring enough or not giving enough or simply not having enough empathy or compassion for someone else, I always think of that: "you reap what you sow."

These are engravings on Corian which allows me to get very fine detail and get crisp prints without "tiring" the block. The image(s) are called collectively "Tesoros de Mami" or "Mother's Treasures". My Mami went to the mountains with some friends, she travels all the time. This time she brought me some pinecones to make woodcuts from and also took some lovely pictures for me. Just that she thought of me and my art was kind of touching.

But wait, there's more! Scroll to the very bottom picture if you live in the EU
The slab with mixed ink, smells soooo good

First print, blocks are Corian (the countertop stuff)

Want one? Just message me!

 through Facebook or Twitter or email me your snail mail address and you get one. Oh joy! Let's get it going. Links to Facebook and Twitter at the bottom of this page and if you know my email you can send it through there. Last year I had a grand time and my phone ding dong ding dong with Facebook messages so much I thought I was listening to Carol of the Bells.

Anyhow, here are some close ups, I'm ready...
Oh joy! tiny pinecones everywhere


Much closer, the Corian allows me to get fine detail

Almost ready to mail, I have to sign them as they dry

BONUS! Wait what? Free money will come to some of you in the European Union. 

The story goes like this: in the Utah Arts Festival there was a cute little young girl from Ireland on vacation. She loved one of my works but didn't have enough US$ left and her credit card maxed out. But she had 100 Euros! So she asked me what the exchange rate was and I saw that she was looking at a woodcut that was $225 so I said, I think it's about 2.25 US dollars to the Euro. She bought it of course. (It's a miracle I EVER make any money...but she was so happy!!!)

So anyway, my bank wants an outrageous exchange rate to deposit them and besides, I remember the story and smile everytime. But it is now time to return them to the European Union so these will make their way into some of the cards. Maybe yours?

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