Puzzle Project #7:  Human.Nature.

Project has been cancelled as of 9/20/2022


Hello everyone, due to life events beyond my control I am cancelling this project. I will be emailing everyone shortly with this announcement.
Everyone who has paid will receive a full refund this week via the same method that was used to remit cost funds to me.
I thank everyone for continued support through the years for these wonderful and amazing collaborations.
Your still fearless instigator,

WHAT? Here we go again!

THEME: Human.Nature.
Anything related to humans, to nature, to humans in nature, to the relationship between one or the other. Interpreted loosely by each artist, family friendly as these get exhibited in libraries and community centers as well as community galleries and other "family" venues. 

What do you get?

1. Full woodcut print, 4 panels each 20 x 26 inches (51 x 66 cm)
2. Printed book, colophon with all artist's images, panels, history, process...
3. Your own individual artist page in the book with your image and your comments
4. A poster of the entire print for sharing and displaying in small spaces
5. Participation in an awesome collaboration and "friends" all over the globe

CALENDAR (tenuously tentative):

SIGN UP OPENS                     Friday, August 12, 2022
SIGN UP CLOSES (or @90)    Friday, September 30, 2022
Mail blocks to artists                  Monday, October 10, 2022
DEADLINE to carve/mail back Monday, January 23, 2023
Printing - Colophon - Posters     Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Final mailing to Artists             Sunday, March 19, 2023


In steps, to simplify:
1. A grand design is created on panel blocks of wood by the instigator
2. Wood is chopped up into "puzzle pieces"
3. Each participant receives a piece, carves a design according to the theme, returns the block by a deadline
4. Once all blocks are received, they are assembled, inked and printed and the entire giant print is sent to participants along with a book/colophon of the work


1. Sign up (link to come) and send in contribution to cover costs and final shipping
2. Carve a small block of wood with a design based on the theme (Human.Nature) interpreted any which way
3. Send carved block by deadline
4. Wait patiently and receive a box (really a tube) of goodies and enjoy immensely


Everyone will receive a full print of all the panels this time. To accommodate eco budgets, participants can save their spot with a deposit and pay over time. Since the project takes 6-8 months to complete, this should work for everyone who wants to participate.
Also new this year, participants can pay costs first and pay for final shipping at the time of final shipment, again, 6-8 months later. 
Once more, I am offering discounted participation to 2-artist and 4-artist teams because it saves time, shipping money (to you) and supplies. I only need ONE Team Captain and the names of the team members. Team up and save money!

In the sign up form you will find the following levels:
- Artist deposit $45 now and make arrangements to pay another $30 and final shipping US $23, Canada $42, World $68
- Artist full cost $75 and final shipping at the time of shipping US $23, Canada $42, World $68
- Artist full cost including final shipping (nothing else to pay) US $98, Canada $117, World $143
- 2 Artists Team full cost including final shipping US $163, Canada $182, World $208
- 4 Artists Team full cost including final shipping US $293, Canada $312, World $338


Briefly, a Monumental Puzzle Print is a large design composed of "puzzle pieces", each of which is designed and carved by a unique artist under a common theme. The project director designs and cuts the wood block into puzzle-like pieces, then sends the pieces to participant artists; they carve their own little design and send the tiny piece back. Then the director assembles the carved pieces. The entire design is printed as a woodcut print after the puzzle is reassembled and finally each participant receives a huge print encompassing the entire design.
Here are two past projects to scale, the great City of the World (5 panels) background and the Great Cairn (3 panels) beside me (I'm older now).
These are BIG!

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