Friday, July 31, 2020

Lead Me Out and Lemonade

Conversation With a Canyon II: Lead Me Out

"So how do you like it?
Good, all good, it is very peaceful in here
Are you staying? Few wander in, you know
A little while, I brought lunch
I have water, here and there, clean and cold...
What if I spend the night on that cool bed of sand
I will keep you safe, I will let in the moonlight and the moss scented winds
(to be continued)

Lead Me Out, already transferred to the color block and ready to be printed


When life gives you lemons...
Takes a bunch of daily exposure to keep up the online sales and I still miss the festival life and the face to face contact with customers. These days, it would be mask to mask I suppose but some of us in the "high risk" category are advised to stay away from crowds altogether so even if there WERE any festivals to go to, I would have to abstain. I tweet and post on Facebook and Instagram often, many artists do that now and it is good to see more art on those platforms. 2020 be over!!!!!!

SO! Online shops are the only thing. With the help of my friends at Google (!) I am working on improving my main website and actually I am pleased with the results both on visits and sales. One thing that I enjoy is the messaging system, I have Facebook Messenger linked to my site so many times visitors strike up a conversation and it has the "feel" of a visit to my booth.
EBay has some features that I enjoy such as the bargaining that goes along with the Best Offer feature and the back and forth of offers and counter-offers. Almost like being in the booth on a Sunday afternoon, almost!

I have had more time to finish some editions of little prints that never got done. And I am enjoying using up all the handmade paper in my flat files. My happy studio is a great place, I really like working daily on different things and there is always plenty to do. Working, for me, is bliss and I will leave you with that thought.

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