Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Having many shops has actually worked out quite well. Let me back up...
Once upon a time in 2020 I was all ready to set up my booth in Scottsdale when the show was shut down due to COVID. Yeah, I was IN Arizona, my hotel booked and pre-paid, trailer in tow...Ah well...the whole season done, successive shows canceled in the following weeks and I had a bunch of framed and matted stuff with nowhere to sell.

The strong survive and the clever adapt. That year I signed with Sellbrite, an inventory and online listing management software. I opened my own Shopify store now residing at 1000woodcuts.com, opened an eBay store cuz I love bargaining, started selling in Amazon Handmade and Google Shopping and of course, spruced up my Etsy shop. Also have Facebook and Instagram shops although they really just direct to Shopify.

Exciting!? Confusing?! Yep!!! but somewhat successful I must say. Sellbrite makes it all very manageable although it took me until the end of 2020 to set it all up. 

Just an FYI post. Here are the direct links:

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