Tuesday, June 5, 2018

My 15 Minutes of Fame!

Just Walk With Me

The image Just Walk With Me is a triptych printed on handmade paper. My former and always remembered paper-maker-collaborator M.J.Cole from Texas made that gorgeous paper from my descriptions of the desert. The intent was to have handmade paper specifically for that print and to match the image I had in mind. I loved working with her and my images were greatly enhanced by her carefully crafted and beautiful papers.

Image available here:

Here is the image:
Just Walk With Me
20 x 36 inches in three panels
Woodcut on handmade paper

A GEICO Commercial Happened! 

Under the whoddathunkit department, I work with an image broker who sells some of my images to the designer trade. I get royalties from that and don't have to do anything except collect quarterly checks so it all works out.
A while back, they asked me to sign an additional release for images being sold to a prop company. The prop company creates stage, TV and film backgrounds for producers. So I did.

Cleverly enough, my image broker sold the middle panel of that image as a stand-alone to the prop company. The prop company used it in a GEICO commercial called Zen Gardening. Imagine my surprise when I am watching the NBA playoffs 2018 and I see my artwork on TV! 

A clever Google search by my hubby and we found the commercial, the image and...and...how COOL IS THAT!?

Here is the commercial, as the young'uns used to say, "I'm stoked!"

Image available here:

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