Sunday, February 6, 2011

February Update, Wood Arrives

Lynita Shimizu contribution to the Baren Cairn
A quick update is in order!

First, I ordered and received the cherry plywood that we will all use to carve this project. I have it acclimating in the studio and will be designing and cutting beginning this coming week. I am very excited.

My first few ideas for the great city are being stretched and manipulated in Photoshop. I will post some "sketches" on the blog once they actually look presentable. After I am satisfied with the image, I will draw free-hand on the blocks.
Speaking of the blocks, with over 100 participants, this print will span five blocks so your final print will be five (vertically oriented) sheets wide! Each sheet is 22" x 30" or 55 x 76 cm.
I told you it would be HUGE!!!

After the image is drawn, I will cut out the separate pieces and begin mailing. The cutting process will also be documented on the blog with pictures of sawdust included. Mailing will probably take place in about two weeks. I will mail out international blocks first, then US blocks, that way everyone gets their block about the same time.

On that note, please see the financials page where all the expenses are noted as they occur. If your name appears below the spreadsheet of expenses, I have not yet received your contribution. With these many participants and the cost of mailing five full-size sheets, I can't mail out blocks to participants that have not contributed so please make a note to send whatever you can or let me know otherwise.

Blog with all the updates:

That's about it for now. Pictures of the wood and sketches upcoming in the blog.

Thank you all for playing along!