Saturday, September 24, 2011

Here we go! Catching up with new arrivals

I just got back from a quick family visit and have been remiss in posting all the new arrivals. So I will quickly mention them here and will catch up with images and wonderful news from all over the world in the next few days. I promise!

Thank you participants for playing our wonderful City of the World game!
The lastest travelers:

Carolyn McLeod -Reno Nevada USA
Virginia Sheehan -Ottawa Ontario CANADA
Lynita Shimizu -Pomfret Center Connecticut USA
Luc Van Quickenborne -Brugge Sint-Kruis BELGIUM
Sharri LaPierre -Vancouver Washington USA
         (Memorial Piece for Barbara Patera)
Nancy Osadchuk -Calgary Alberta CANADA
Priscila de Souza Bomfim -Santos Sao Paulo BRAZIL

Pictures upcoming.

115 Citizens are participating plus two Memorial Pieces
34 pieces are ready to be placed in their slots
This leaves 81 pieces at large
12 countries participating

Thanks everyone, keep them coming home!!!

Citizens please fill out the block info here: