Monday, November 2, 2020

Time flies! New print

Exchange time!

Another print made for an exchange among printmakers. To the uninitiated this may seem like a silly exercise, artists make prints and send them to each other. But looking closely, exchanges allow printmakers (many without websites) to send their art to 30 fellow artists and receive a neat portfolio of prints from all over the world. I personally have built an astounding collection of 2500 prints and counting and in exchange, my prints are in possession of a thousand printmakers worldwide. Wow.

Some details and info here:

Below is my contribution to Exchange #84 with some progress pictures.

And here a YouTube Video of the print making!

Print Title: Liquid Glow
Paper Dimension: 10x15 inches
Image Dimension: 8x12 inches
Block: Cherry plywood x2
Pigment or Ink: Daniel Smith oil based, Gamblin transparent base
Paper: Lotka Rust with leaf inclusions, handmade in Nepal
Edition: 100

warming light
liquid glow
a new dawn

For some reason this size paper inspires figures immersed in nature (often represented by a lone woman, go figure). Nature is my safe place, my healing light, inspiration, stress relief, pure bliss, even if only in imaginary fantasies.
 I combined a puzzle cutout print, the sky, and two rainbow rolls. This combination of techniques allows me to print, with only two blocks, 5 colors and the intermediate colors of gradations, plus the paper color which I used as a midtone.

All the details:

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