Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to the Western hemisphere, way North and way South!

Claudia Aparecida Ruiz Ferreira Ribeiro, from Sao Paulo BRAZIL sends us a beautiful contribution and news from Sao Paulo (my Portuguese is getting better):

Also a nice way to proof the block (above) is the oldest form of printmaking, a rubbing! Look at how accurately a simple graphite rubbing shows the block.

Graham Scholes from his Island in the Pacific, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA, sends a thoughtful piece indeed!

All for now! Keep them coming.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

City blocks from all corners of the globe!

Kalle Pihlajasaari (whose name I can now spell without looking...much) from Parkview, SOUTH AFRICA, brings us this enchanting contribution.

And Melissa Read-Devine from Sackville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA contributes this:

Our project is getting very close and I am getting very excited about the tasks to come. First, of course is to get all the city blocks back in. Once I am sure all the citizens have returned, I sadly have to fill in for those who disappeared without a trace.

The process of replacing a block is a bit tricky. I have no wood on hand so I will have to purchase another block. Then I carefully trace the "holes" with tracing paper. I place that paper onto scrap cardboard and cut to fit. I trim as needed until the cardboard cutout fits perfectly in the hole. Then I transfer that to the wood block and cut a fresh piece.

At this point some sanding is usually necessary but most of the time I'm pretty accurate. At this point I also find out that the grain of the wood is cut in the wrong orientation but who cares about that! Then I designa and carve a "quickie" to fill in the space.
Last time I had to substitute only two blocks, let's hope for none this time.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Go West! Go West! Nevada and California US contribute to the city

Our city blocks are coming in daily now. I'm hoping the rest of you send them soon. I'm finishing another project and a cool little commission and by then I hope to begin planning the printing party. Get to carving, please!

Incidentally, did you know that Reno Nevada is actually geographically situated West of Los Angeles California?
Just another curiosity to clutter your busy minds...

But seriously, folks!
Here are two contributions from the Western US.

Andrea Hollatz-Brown from Fountain Valley, California USA sends us some refreshing palm trees to adorn and freshen our city.

My block shows a palm tree.  I have lived in several different places, but now when I come home after being away I look for the palm trees to tell me that I am back in Southern California--they have become a symbol of home to me.

And Candace Nicol from (ArtTown) Reno in my very own beloved state of Nevada USA sends a very intriguing image. I must say our city has more critters and plants than people so far!

Thank you all for your extra contributions, notes, cards, extra prints and all that you send with your blocks. Your gifts and words truly make opening each little package a daily Christmas!

Carry on...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OFF MY PLATE!!! New Year, New Resolution

Last year I started out the year calling it a simpler year...or was that the year before that?! Hmmmm...see!? I'm already in trouble.
I am declaring this 2012 the OFF-MY-PLATE year. I'm deep into a bad case of project indigestion. I have one print to finish for an exchange and a commission for a block/print set.
And that's it, that IS IT!!!
Oh yeah, the puzzle project yet to be finished and printed...sigh...

My to-do list is ridiculous with projects so old that I had to shut off the reminders in my Outlook so that I wouldn't see the annoying: "eight months overdue" notices.
My website in dire need of revising, my books in need of revising...hey, just those two things could take me the rest of the year.
Goldwell: Red Barn from the East

But no, no no nononono!!! I have little notebooks and pieces of paper hanging all over my very disorganized studio (in need of revision as well) that will keep me busy until I'm old and gray...make that older and grayer.
Blocks like the Goldwell series (above) yell at me every morning to get my act together or they're walking off. My piles of wood are dusty and sad.

So that's it, I'm done with the new and on with the old. Or something like that.
2012, Chinese Lunar New Year of the Black Dragon's Den, which is where I'm going to mercilessly toss anyone that tries to recruit me for any project that isn't my own. And that includes me.

2012, get off OFF MY PLATE!!! year.
You heard it here first.

All Washington affair! Two from the Northwest US

Wendy Morris from Spokane Washington, USA sends a great image (more critters!):

And Carole Carroll from Seattle, Washington USA with a clever block and an extra contribution for which I am most grateful!!!

Her note says: "Snowflake is enjoying a nap in the fresh air of the open window"

We have only 23 blocks to be sent back to me! Out of 114, I am very impressed! Let's get them done as soon as you can and thank you everyone for playing along.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Critters from Victoria, Australia and Ontario, Canada

Block from Jenn White in Sandford, Victoria, Australia

At the time of sign-up I was living in a small country town - not exactly a city, but my part of the world. I was also involved with wildlife rescue. Wedge-tailed Eagles were a common sight in the skies.  They were also too common as rescued creatures.  The eagle depicted was rescued and rehabilitated after being kept in captivity since a youngster.  After months of care, during which she learned the colour of the sky, to walk on the earth, and how to catch her food, she was released near where I lived.  Although I have since relocated, I did the block in memory of her. 

And Ralph Heather from Paris, Ontario CANADA, reminds us how we feed a city.

Thanks for the funnies and the crossword!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Very Latest! Photos to come...


I have received blocks from a bunch of loyal citizens, pictures upcoming in a torrent in the next few days/weeks.

Welcome to the City:
Andrea Hollatz-Brown Fountain Valley California USA
Carole Carroll  Seattle Washington USA
Jenn White Sandford Victoria AUSTRALIA
Candace Nicol  Reno Nevada USA
Wendy Morris  Spokane Washington USA
Margaret Krakowiak Nashville Tennessee USA
Lynne Hubner McKinney Texas USA
Debra James Percival Ottawa Ontario CANADA
Allan Greenier New Haven Connecticut USA
Wendy Willis Phoenix Arizona USA
Terry Sargent Peart Seattle Washington USA
Andrew Gott Hixson Tennessee USA
Ralph Heather  Paris Ontario CANADA
Rachel Midori Sugo Miyagu Santos Sao Paulo BRAZIL
Mellissa Read-Devine New South Wales AUSTRALIA
Claudia Aparecida Ruiz Ferreira Ribeiro Sao Paulo BRAZIL
Guadalupe Victorica Monterrey MEXICO
Fiona Humphrey Birmingham West Midlands UK
Jerelee Basist Maryland USA
Randie Feil Victoria BC CANADA
Misty Haskins Springfield Oregon USA

This makes 74 citizens have come home and 36 still out there. Please please please get the blocks in as soon as possible so I can begin planning the Great Printing Party.

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Thank you for playing! Keep them coming home