Friday, January 20, 2012

Go West! Go West! Nevada and California US contribute to the city

Our city blocks are coming in daily now. I'm hoping the rest of you send them soon. I'm finishing another project and a cool little commission and by then I hope to begin planning the printing party. Get to carving, please!

Incidentally, did you know that Reno Nevada is actually geographically situated West of Los Angeles California?
Just another curiosity to clutter your busy minds...

But seriously, folks!
Here are two contributions from the Western US.

Andrea Hollatz-Brown from Fountain Valley, California USA sends us some refreshing palm trees to adorn and freshen our city.

My block shows a palm tree.  I have lived in several different places, but now when I come home after being away I look for the palm trees to tell me that I am back in Southern California--they have become a symbol of home to me.

And Candace Nicol from (ArtTown) Reno in my very own beloved state of Nevada USA sends a very intriguing image. I must say our city has more critters and plants than people so far!

Thank you all for your extra contributions, notes, cards, extra prints and all that you send with your blocks. Your gifts and words truly make opening each little package a daily Christmas!

Carry on...

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