Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Critters from Victoria, Australia and Ontario, Canada

Block from Jenn White in Sandford, Victoria, Australia

At the time of sign-up I was living in a small country town - not exactly a city, but my part of the world. I was also involved with wildlife rescue. Wedge-tailed Eagles were a common sight in the skies.  They were also too common as rescued creatures.  The eagle depicted was rescued and rehabilitated after being kept in captivity since a youngster.  After months of care, during which she learned the colour of the sky, to walk on the earth, and how to catch her food, she was released near where I lived.  Although I have since relocated, I did the block in memory of her. 

And Ralph Heather from Paris, Ontario CANADA, reminds us how we feed a city.

Thanks for the funnies and the crossword!

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