Tuesday, January 24, 2012

City blocks from all corners of the globe!

Kalle Pihlajasaari (whose name I can now spell without looking...much) from Parkview, SOUTH AFRICA, brings us this enchanting contribution.

And Melissa Read-Devine from Sackville, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA contributes this:

Our project is getting very close and I am getting very excited about the tasks to come. First, of course is to get all the city blocks back in. Once I am sure all the citizens have returned, I sadly have to fill in for those who disappeared without a trace.

The process of replacing a block is a bit tricky. I have no wood on hand so I will have to purchase another block. Then I carefully trace the "holes" with tracing paper. I place that paper onto scrap cardboard and cut to fit. I trim as needed until the cardboard cutout fits perfectly in the hole. Then I transfer that to the wood block and cut a fresh piece.

At this point some sanding is usually necessary but most of the time I'm pretty accurate. At this point I also find out that the grain of the wood is cut in the wrong orientation but who cares about that! Then I designa and carve a "quickie" to fill in the space.
Last time I had to substitute only two blocks, let's hope for none this time.

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