Monday, May 23, 2016

Nothing to see here...spring cleaning!


Don't miss this year's Utah Arts Festival! massive event coming up on June 23-26
Utah Arts Festival
Washington/Library Square
Salt Lake City, Utah

I will be in a corner booth on the grass again, under the shade of a beautiful big tree I hope. Funny how I'm looking forward to it even though, as I recall, the hours are long (12:00 to 11:00PM daily) and the weather is hot. Fortunately the beer is cold and the food is just amazing! 

Training? or just spring cleaning?

A bit of both I guess. I have been gardening, rearranging the earth (gardening), and finishing some long due house projects. 
Aside from plotting my latest artworks (a few smaller "bread and butter" works for Utah and a few balloon-themed small color works for Albuquerque in October), I've been spring cleaning. Really I should say 3-year cleaning. I just filled up a 23 cubic yard container with godknowswhat. Stuff, mostly. Some stuff in boxes I hadn't opened in so many years I didn't even bother to break the tape...DUMP! Some stuff that I just can't believe I was keeping. Some stuff too big to fit in a standard trash can. Feels good, I'm in great shape and our house is so much lighter now, ha!

Enjoy the rest of spring, summer's coming! Festivals around the corner:

June 23-26
Utah Arts Festival
Washington/Library Square
Salt Lake City, Utah

July 29-31
Bellevue Washington
Bellevue Square, downtown by the Museum

September 30 - Oct 2
& October 7-9
Rio Grande Balloon Fiesta Show
EXPO New Mexico Fairgrounds
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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