Monday, August 31, 2015

A Peaceful Mystery and More Progress

Progress Report!

Three blocks are now printed with the Water block having been completed, ooooh, about 30 minutes ago. I worked my helper Suzanne Salsbury until she cried...well, no, maybe that was ME that was crying! But we managed to print 75 prints today to finish off the block. We now have 156+136+135 prints done or 427 done and about 850 to go.

The LOVE BOAAAAT, I mean the Love Block is next, all prepped and ready for ink. Why do I keep singing the Love Boat song? Well when I first came to 'Merrica, I was assigned a good dose of daily television by my English as a Second Language teacher. So I learned all about the Brady Bunch, Opie's show, the Love Boat, Bewitched, and others like that. My cousins helped a lot, mostly screaming at Donny and Marie Osmond (mostly at Donny) and, oh yes, the Jackson Five with little Michael. I learned English fast :-)

Anyhow, back at the studio...

The Peaceful Mystery

So now to my mystery. If you recall I had some drop outs and had to cut some substitute blocks. I had just cut a block to fill in the Sun block. That's my block "You've got a friend" with the one dude helping the other dude get up the mountain. That's also my block above it with the happy Maria enjoying the vastness and beauty of nature. So when I received the block that belongs where the Friends go, I was happy to get something made by a participant other than Maria. Then I nearly freaked out...
The block I received was from an art festival friend and excellent artist and she designed the word "Peace" in Hebrew. Beautiful lettering and nothing strange about that...
...except that the block that is right next to it has the word "Peace" in Arabic. These participant artists do not know each other, neither knew the location of their block, and I randomly assign blocks to artists after they are packed so I don't know where they go or who will carve them. Make of that what you will! I love a good destiny mystery.
I will have to flip the letters in order for them to read correctly but all I could say is WOW! Then I looked up very carefully...

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Progress report and more pieces in place

Progress report

About 115 prints are hanging high drying in my studio. My friend and fellow artist Mary Hill is now helping me and things go much faster with two. Tomorrow we hope to finish the first block...and then there are seven more to go! Oh how we love big projects--well, maybe just me, I love big projects. I do.

Sadly there are still 8 blocks outstanding someeeewheeeeeeere out theeeeeere over the rainbow or who knows where. I have received no response from 3 participants so today I cut some substitutes and I will carve something peaceful on them the next few nights. 3 or 4 drops out of 160 artists is really not bad at all, I am very happy with the participation. Onward!

Five more

Æleen Frisch Wallingford, CT USA

Peace, if it comes, will emerge as a surprise from a cocoon of uncertainly and dread.

Mary Weimer Green Avon Lake, Ohio

Peace is such a simple concept, but so difficult to achieve. My block suggests the hope of peace, even against bitter reality. 

Julianne Kershaw
Queensland AUSTRALIA

Bobbie Ann Howell
Las Vegas Nevada USA

Dimitris Grammatikopoulos

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Babies! water, daisies, flowers and a piggie

Debbie Kiest Pacifica CA

Peace is such a complex concept, but like love, it starts from within. A baby asleep brings me such calm and joy, especially when I remember how hard I often had to work for those moments when my son was young! But his happy and boisterous moments brought me great peace as well. In these days of violence and inequity it is important to seek sources of peace for ourselves such as art and friends to keep us strong so that we can speak for peace in the greater world. Peace to you!

Murilo Antonio Pereira

Mellissa Read-Devine North West Sydney, Australia

My image is of a daisy chain. Apart from the obvious peace connotations of hippy like teens in caftans handing around gerberas; I was more inspired by quiet blissful memories sitting in the grass of endless sunshine, the lazy hum of low flying insects in the air, picking daisies and making wonderful adornments that wilted sadly by the time I took them home.

Kris Alder
Utah USA

Dorothy Schultz Calgary, Alberta

Flowers are the ultimate survivors.  They bring peace and joy with their blooms.

Julia Wakefield Adelaide, South Australia

"This is the second time I've participated in one of Maria's puzzle projects. Her energy and enthusiasm are awe-inspiring. In December 2013 I exhibited the City of the World puzzle print at the Hahndorf Academy, a historic building in the Adelaide Hills. People were knocked out by it - they'd never seen so many images by so many artists from so many different countries, all gathered together into one enormous print. I intend to do the same thing with the Peace puzzle print. Maria gives us all the opportunity to collaborate in a way that is very seldom given to anyone: we can speak not only to each other but to the whole world about our love of printmaking, our individual perspectives on life - and our united passion for peace.
My part of the puzzle - 'Peace Pig' - has no special meaning beyond this: I figure that if pigs can occasionally fly, they would also like to sleep on fluffy white clouds when they've had enough of performing miracles."

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hands, nature and symbols

Barbara Carr Salisbury, NH, USA

After struggling through several versions of ideas for this block, I settled on the most simple and direct image for "Peace" that I could think of: two people of different origins shaking hands. Originally it was a way to show that the hands held no weapons, indicating that both parties had come in peace.

Bettina Viereck Bloomfield, Connecticut

"Name of art work: ""Two crows"".
Peace for me involves caring, sharing, joyfulness and playfulness. Crows, my personal favorite birds, demonstrate these attributes very well. Crows are very social birds who are are curious, playful, mate for life, and share and care sometimes even for crows not related to them. "

Clive Lewis
Ontario CANADA

Maria Moser
Ontario CANADA

Sandra Oliver
Oklahoma City

Wonderful experience and happy to be a part of something so special

DWe Williams Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA

Thank you for a wonderful opportunity!

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Two team and four team send peace, better in teams!

Team Graham/Meg

I had the immense pleasure of working briefly with Graham Wimbrow while he worked for the Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association here in Las Vegas. I did an artist's residency under his gentle guidance and him and his sweetie attended my workshop. We made a puzzle print, of course!
Here are their contributions for this Peace Puzzle.

Graham Wimbrow
Baltimore, Maryland

Meg Viar
Baltimore Maryland

Team Michaud from Maine, the best organized team wrote everyone's name and block number on the package! Thank you for that!

Along with the blocks, I also received a pile of proofing paper used for packing which will come in handy when cleaning my rollers. And and!! rubber bands, huge rubber bands wrapping every block. Normally this would not be a big deal but look at my rubber band ball right next to the it's a bit bigger thanks to Team Michaud. 

Tamera Grieshaber Lewiston, Maine

"A crescent moon and starry night.
So quiet. So peaceful.
Peepers singing. Breeze blowing,
I will sleep soundly tonight.

Richard Field Auburn Maine USA

I relate peace with dolphins, These creatures are intelligent and uncorrupted by any political and social beliefs embraced by humans.

Mike Sheehy Lewiston, Maine

"The central motif is reminiscent of a peace symbol in the form of a tree within a circle. It symbolizes the natural and peaceful progression of life from birth, growth, death, and rebirth in a natural, vegetative process absent violence. The flanking peace lilies are meant to re-emphasize the concept as they represent both peace and sympathy for life that is passed.
piece W-16"

Ray Michaud Lewiston, Maine

"Piece W-18
It always fills me with peace to watch the moon playing hide-and-seek with the clouds. I love to watch the moon every chance I get, especially when I am feeling stressed. I think I must have been Japanese in a past life because the Japanese would often organize moon-gazing parties.

Working on this woodblock was a first-time experience for me. I am an avid print collector, but have never carved a woodblock before. My admiration for woodblock artists has increased a thousand-fold! I never imagined how difficult it would be to carve those fine lines.I am participating as part of a group with 3 of my friends. While we are all artists, none of us have ever carved a woodblock before and it has been a truly humbling experience."

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A dove, a wing and a team from California

Mark Vosmeier
Indiana USA

Amanda Gordon Miller

Baltimore, MD, USA

I began my design as a bird wing but it is also loosely based on my sister's "angel wings," which are tatooed on her back.

Awesome images from Team Welch/Piazza, thank you for organizing!

Rae Holzman Oakland CA

In the outback before written language the Aboriginal tribes met beside the river near the campfire to find fellowship and to look at the stars.

Kathe Welch Oakland, CA and Portland, OR

I have always found peace in nature. This year we had the opportunity to buy a large piece of land with a beautiful pond. Standing in the middle of nature in our own home is glorious and I can't wait to come home to our frog filled lily pads.

Heather Piazza Oakland, CA, USA

The shape of my wooded puzzle piece influenced the subject to be carved. My title is "Eye Wish For Peace". This is my first Puzzle Print project and I'm so excited to be a part of it. What a great thing for Artists from around the world to come together. Thank you Maria for all your efforts and love for ART!

Woody Miller
California USA

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