Monday, August 17, 2015

Progress report and more pieces in place

Progress report

About 115 prints are hanging high drying in my studio. My friend and fellow artist Mary Hill is now helping me and things go much faster with two. Tomorrow we hope to finish the first block...and then there are seven more to go! Oh how we love big projects--well, maybe just me, I love big projects. I do.

Sadly there are still 8 blocks outstanding someeeewheeeeeeere out theeeeeere over the rainbow or who knows where. I have received no response from 3 participants so today I cut some substitutes and I will carve something peaceful on them the next few nights. 3 or 4 drops out of 160 artists is really not bad at all, I am very happy with the participation. Onward!

Five more

Æleen Frisch Wallingford, CT USA

Peace, if it comes, will emerge as a surprise from a cocoon of uncertainly and dread.

Mary Weimer Green Avon Lake, Ohio

Peace is such a simple concept, but so difficult to achieve. My block suggests the hope of peace, even against bitter reality. 

Julianne Kershaw
Queensland AUSTRALIA

Bobbie Ann Howell
Las Vegas Nevada USA

Dimitris Grammatikopoulos

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