Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A dove, a wing and a team from California

Mark Vosmeier
Indiana USA

Amanda Gordon Miller

Baltimore, MD, USA

I began my design as a bird wing but it is also loosely based on my sister's "angel wings," which are tatooed on her back.

Awesome images from Team Welch/Piazza, thank you for organizing!

Rae Holzman Oakland CA

In the outback before written language the Aboriginal tribes met beside the river near the campfire to find fellowship and to look at the stars.

Kathe Welch Oakland, CA and Portland, OR

I have always found peace in nature. This year we had the opportunity to buy a large piece of land with a beautiful pond. Standing in the middle of nature in our own home is glorious and I can't wait to come home to our frog filled lily pads.

Heather Piazza Oakland, CA, USA

The shape of my wooded puzzle piece influenced the subject to be carved. My title is "Eye Wish For Peace". This is my first Puzzle Print project and I'm so excited to be a part of it. What a great thing for Artists from around the world to come together. Thank you Maria for all your efforts and love for ART!

Woody Miller
California USA

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