Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hands, nature and symbols

Barbara Carr Salisbury, NH, USA

After struggling through several versions of ideas for this block, I settled on the most simple and direct image for "Peace" that I could think of: two people of different origins shaking hands. Originally it was a way to show that the hands held no weapons, indicating that both parties had come in peace.

Bettina Viereck Bloomfield, Connecticut

"Name of art work: ""Two crows"".
Peace for me involves caring, sharing, joyfulness and playfulness. Crows, my personal favorite birds, demonstrate these attributes very well. Crows are very social birds who are are curious, playful, mate for life, and share and care sometimes even for crows not related to them. "

Clive Lewis
Ontario CANADA

Maria Moser
Ontario CANADA

Sandra Oliver
Oklahoma City

Wonderful experience and happy to be a part of something so special

DWe Williams Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA

Thank you for a wonderful opportunity!

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