Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Birds, books, and a puzzle

Renee Ugrin
Damascus, Oregon USA

Sharri LaPierre
Vancouver, WA USA

My idea of the most perfect peace attainable on this green earth is to settle down on the lawn or deck with a really good book and read until my eyes won't track any longer.  Books have the ability to take us anywhere, or to open our minds to new ideas, or to teach us new things, or just to provide us with a few moments of blissful, escapist peace. And, they are portable !!

Don LaPierre Vancouver, Washington

When you start to build a puzzle you begin with a PIECE you know and are sure of its place. When you start to build PEACE you also start with a place you know and build out. The puzzle pieces continue off the piece because there are always more pieces to add. The peace sign continues because once you have piece within your own life you continue to build it with family, community, and the world. Peace

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