Monday, August 17, 2015

Babies! water, daisies, flowers and a piggie

Debbie Kiest Pacifica CA

Peace is such a complex concept, but like love, it starts from within. A baby asleep brings me such calm and joy, especially when I remember how hard I often had to work for those moments when my son was young! But his happy and boisterous moments brought me great peace as well. In these days of violence and inequity it is important to seek sources of peace for ourselves such as art and friends to keep us strong so that we can speak for peace in the greater world. Peace to you!

Murilo Antonio Pereira

Mellissa Read-Devine North West Sydney, Australia

My image is of a daisy chain. Apart from the obvious peace connotations of hippy like teens in caftans handing around gerberas; I was more inspired by quiet blissful memories sitting in the grass of endless sunshine, the lazy hum of low flying insects in the air, picking daisies and making wonderful adornments that wilted sadly by the time I took them home.

Kris Alder
Utah USA

Dorothy Schultz Calgary, Alberta

Flowers are the ultimate survivors.  They bring peace and joy with their blooms.

Julia Wakefield Adelaide, South Australia

"This is the second time I've participated in one of Maria's puzzle projects. Her energy and enthusiasm are awe-inspiring. In December 2013 I exhibited the City of the World puzzle print at the Hahndorf Academy, a historic building in the Adelaide Hills. People were knocked out by it - they'd never seen so many images by so many artists from so many different countries, all gathered together into one enormous print. I intend to do the same thing with the Peace puzzle print. Maria gives us all the opportunity to collaborate in a way that is very seldom given to anyone: we can speak not only to each other but to the whole world about our love of printmaking, our individual perspectives on life - and our united passion for peace.
My part of the puzzle - 'Peace Pig' - has no special meaning beyond this: I figure that if pigs can occasionally fly, they would also like to sleep on fluffy white clouds when they've had enough of performing miracles."

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