Monday, August 3, 2015

Peaceful Sunday


Sunday is a gift, every Sunday is a gift. For me it is the only day I can catch my breath on this project and life in general. Right now the postal office people are plotting another bombardment of little packets upon my mailbox and its surroundings, to commence Monday afternoon. But today is Sunday, forever rest-day, day to reflect and to enjoy the precious gift of everything that is good in life.
Under the cool breezes of a new portable A/C I get to open packages, read (quickly) newspapers from all over the world (mostly look at pictures and read comics), savor candies, delight in tiny art pieces from my friends and read (slowly) the thoughtful notes from my soulmate-artist-friends. Blissful.

Lynn Gustafson
Alameda, CA

Peace is a sign, is a feeling, is a look and feel. Finding the curving lines of life that bring peace is what this block illustrates.

Thomas Dyer Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Peace? Peace (I could've sworn you said "pease.") Well here it is: pease in a pod, with a piece of my heart thrown in to prove that I am at peace, thinking of the love of my life and the heart we have heartily won together. Peace. With smiling pease.

Loc Cao Jonesboro, Georgia, USA

A beautiful memory by remembering childhood in Vietnam. An age that have no worried, but just acting with the herd, kite flying and playing with friends in the rice field. It was a time of serenity and ease. Today looking back on my children, yes, they are living in a wonderful state, but they contended with the technology that had manipulated their lives and they blanked out the natural beauty and lifestyle outdoor. So my drawings remind me to play with my children outside frequently, avoid downtime with electronics and cherished peace.

Mo Tingey London, UK Peace Lily

My puzzle piece arrived looking like a large tear. Of sadness, maybe? That peace in this world is unachievable? No, think positive!

Instead the shape was a help as I am used to thinking in rectangular formats. Having been provided fresh boundaries what imagery to use? I looked at various symbols for peace without anything stimulating me. I considered using the word itself in different languages, however there are so many and to single out a few seemed divisive. Still considering text I researched quotes about peace and came across one by Mother Theresa. It was short and succinct: “Peace begins with a smile.” Perfect but it needed decoration. One night as I was drifting off to sleep a Peace Lily came to mind. The ‘flower’ – in reality a specialised leaf bract – was a beautiful echo of the wood block.

With the result I would like to think I have made my own contribution to world peace and understanding, if only in a minuscule way.

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