Thursday, August 6, 2015

Many gifts of peace

Hmmm, maybe the entire world should do a collaboration project

Don't you think? Everyone constantly sending tiny gifts, especially hand made gifts, to each other all of the time? Much better world it would be! Here are the most adorable gifts so far (I know, I have said that before but a hand-carved birdie? awwwwwww...)

L. Pamela Morgan
Lincoln, KS USA

Besides being the state flower of Kansas, sunflowers have become the symbol of a world free of nuclear weapons. June 4 is celebrated as World Peace Day.

Richard W. Peterson
Lincoln,  Kansas USA

"There is nothing like spring in Lincoln County, Kansas--blossoms on the trees and the birds happily singing, especially the cardinals!  Wishing God's peace to all.

Being a retired Denmark (Lincoln County) KS farmer, age 92 as of May 2015, I enjoy gardening and the outdoors.  Relief carving is also a favorite hobby of mine.  It is a pleasure to be a part of this Peace Puzzle."

Aiden Milligan
Ayr, Scotland

The very act of collaborating is to promote the idea of peace and solidarity. From sharing culture via local newspapers, to creating visual dialogues of many artists across one print, this international exchange of ideas and opinions is an awakening of the sociological imagination, breaking barriers and inspiring communication through a common visual language. My woodblock was sent to me in the shape of a leaf. The leaf is a symbol of hope, regrowth and renewal; but at the same time it can represent decay and sadness. It is the same duality that I have come to discern of peace. The idea of peace must start with the self, with the mind; and just as an artists creativity will ebb and flow, so does our mental state of being. Peace, for me, is to overcome, and without facing fear head on we cannot conquer negativity - this is a must!

Di Goll
Ohio USA

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