Friday, August 7, 2015

Five more peaceful images

Cory Gould
Worcester, Vermont

I am an avid sailor. Since my youth, nothing makes me feel as happy and at peace as being in a small sailboat. Wind in the sails, sun, water everywhere, surrounded by waves, all is well. Sail fast, live slow. Delicious.

Sophie Halpin
Central Illinois

Working on the peace puzzle was the first time I have ever done woodcarving or anything similar to that. When I had to think about what represented peace to me, it did not take much thought. Something that I have always found that is peaceful is music. As Kahlil Gibran said, "Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife." Another thing that I have found that brings me peace is nature. With my puzzle peace I tried to incorporate both music and nature by carving music notes and an African Lily, a flower that symbolizes peace.

Gilda E Machado -Zimmerling
Templeton, California

My design is representative of one's search for inner peace. It is through loving oneself and our connection to nature that we can each look within to find peace.

Sarah Hauser
New York

The title of my image is "Mischief at Rest".  It is inspired by Lulu, who is one of my two dear formerly-feral kitties. Her sister Natalia is the philosopher, while Lulu is more the playful jester. A peaceful moment dreaming of her next adventure:)

Rebecca Dessart Wessels
Anchorage Alaska USA

Greetings from Alaska! When I'm out fishing, I feel peace. There's something about being out ni nature listening to the water, watching the eagles, that is soothing to my soul. It's not about what I catch or don't catch; it's about the feeling of peace that keeps me returning to the river.
Thank you Maria for hosting the Peace Puzzle, it's been so much fun. 
May Peace be with you.

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