Friday, August 14, 2015

Two team and four team send peace, better in teams!

Team Graham/Meg

I had the immense pleasure of working briefly with Graham Wimbrow while he worked for the Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association here in Las Vegas. I did an artist's residency under his gentle guidance and him and his sweetie attended my workshop. We made a puzzle print, of course!
Here are their contributions for this Peace Puzzle.

Graham Wimbrow
Baltimore, Maryland

Meg Viar
Baltimore Maryland

Team Michaud from Maine, the best organized team wrote everyone's name and block number on the package! Thank you for that!

Along with the blocks, I also received a pile of proofing paper used for packing which will come in handy when cleaning my rollers. And and!! rubber bands, huge rubber bands wrapping every block. Normally this would not be a big deal but look at my rubber band ball right next to the it's a bit bigger thanks to Team Michaud. 

Tamera Grieshaber Lewiston, Maine

"A crescent moon and starry night.
So quiet. So peaceful.
Peepers singing. Breeze blowing,
I will sleep soundly tonight.

Richard Field Auburn Maine USA

I relate peace with dolphins, These creatures are intelligent and uncorrupted by any political and social beliefs embraced by humans.

Mike Sheehy Lewiston, Maine

"The central motif is reminiscent of a peace symbol in the form of a tree within a circle. It symbolizes the natural and peaceful progression of life from birth, growth, death, and rebirth in a natural, vegetative process absent violence. The flanking peace lilies are meant to re-emphasize the concept as they represent both peace and sympathy for life that is passed.
piece W-16"

Ray Michaud Lewiston, Maine

"Piece W-18
It always fills me with peace to watch the moon playing hide-and-seek with the clouds. I love to watch the moon every chance I get, especially when I am feeling stressed. I think I must have been Japanese in a past life because the Japanese would often organize moon-gazing parties.

Working on this woodblock was a first-time experience for me. I am an avid print collector, but have never carved a woodblock before. My admiration for woodblock artists has increased a thousand-fold! I never imagined how difficult it would be to carve those fine lines.I am participating as part of a group with 3 of my friends. While we are all artists, none of us have ever carved a woodblock before and it has been a truly humbling experience."

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