Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Very Latest! Photos to come...


I have received blocks from a bunch of loyal citizens, pictures upcoming in a torrent in the next few days/weeks.

Welcome to the City:
Andrea Hollatz-Brown Fountain Valley California USA
Carole Carroll  Seattle Washington USA
Jenn White Sandford Victoria AUSTRALIA
Candace Nicol  Reno Nevada USA
Wendy Morris  Spokane Washington USA
Margaret Krakowiak Nashville Tennessee USA
Lynne Hubner McKinney Texas USA
Debra James Percival Ottawa Ontario CANADA
Allan Greenier New Haven Connecticut USA
Wendy Willis Phoenix Arizona USA
Terry Sargent Peart Seattle Washington USA
Andrew Gott Hixson Tennessee USA
Ralph Heather  Paris Ontario CANADA
Rachel Midori Sugo Miyagu Santos Sao Paulo BRAZIL
Mellissa Read-Devine New South Wales AUSTRALIA
Claudia Aparecida Ruiz Ferreira Ribeiro Sao Paulo BRAZIL
Guadalupe Victorica Monterrey MEXICO
Fiona Humphrey Birmingham West Midlands UK
Jerelee Basist Maryland USA
Randie Feil Victoria BC CANADA
Misty Haskins Springfield Oregon USA

This makes 74 citizens have come home and 36 still out there. Please please please get the blocks in as soon as possible so I can begin planning the Great Printing Party.

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The place to send information about your city block:
Thank you for playing! Keep them coming home


  1. Happy New Year Maria and good luck with teh big printing day, so exciting!!

  2. Happy 2012! I can't wait to see all blocks together :)