Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Puzzle#7: And so it begins...


Three days after I opened sign up and already a baker's dozen participants (that's 13). Confidently, I proceed to sketching. First, here is the info on the project:


I announced that the image would be based on one of my prints, eons ago produced in large format as Oculus and later a smaller version named Fragile.

Well as you may know from previous puzzles there are some requirements for the larger images that will host participants "puzzle pieces." 
First the image has to be simple, much simpler. Second, it has to span the breadth of the panels. Third, it has to be divisible into tiny blocks (tiny as in 4-6 inches in diameter).

So the process of simplifying and all that proceeds and I now have a few versions to think about. I first eliminated extra "bodies" and kept the spirit of the print. Later I thicken the lines and then I darkened the background for a different look. Lastly I added some energy earth lines.

The overall size will be 40 inches x 52 inches so I have some resizing to do. But if I divide the resulting image into 4 panels (each 19x26, size of a sheet of paper) I can easily get 15 "puzzle pieces" in each. Total 60, mission accomplished!

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