Monday, May 9, 2011

Two more arrivals!

Two more arrivals to report!

Ruth Leaf's (Venice, California USA) block arrived a few days ago. I know Ruth personally and I just love everything she does. Ruth is somewhat of a world citizen and she has traveled extensively in her lifetime. I thought the figure in the window mirrored my own perception of life in the big city: you are surrounded by people and yet every citizen is very much alone.
The block shown below beside one of Ruth's many cards in my collection:
Ruth Leaf in the city

And L.D. Halpern's block arrived over the weekend.
This one I like because I too play the guitar, so perhaps I'm identifying with the image. More so, I feel it represents how we go about our lives, finding time for creative entertainment even in the midst of the tumultuous events in today's world. Don't miss the interesting contrast between L.D.'s image and the news with which he chose to wrap his block.
Also, the last picture shows both the front and back of the block (aaahhh, the magic of Photoshop!). Clever images, both front and back!

Here is L.D. Halpern's contribution, from Beloit, Wisconsin USA:
Don Halpern: My image is that of a guitar player with stars in the background.  It's a simple image of a lone musician bringing joy to passersby as they walk through the CITY OF THE WORLD.  After all, what is a city without music?

Both front and back of the block, thanks to Photoshop!

Our city is growing! Keep them coming citizen friends!; they are all precious presents.


  1. These are so inspiring, Maria... My puzzle piece is still trying to tell me what to do. I have actually figured out where it will go and that's helping.

  2. very nice indeed!!! thanks Maria for let us know what is arriving!