Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Exhibition Alert! Puzzle Prints in West Las Vegas Library Gallery

Exhibit alert! 

The previous Puzzle Projects are about to be shown again. The exhibition entitled "In Perfect Harmony" at the West Las Vegas LIbrary Art Gallery from 9.15.2015 to 11.29.2015 (ooooh, my birthday!). Baren Puzzle (the Web), The Great Cairn, City of the World 2012 and the Fantastic Garden 2013 will be exhibited.
The West Las Vegas Library is located at 951 W Lake Mead Blvd 702-507-3980. Hours 10am to 8pm weekdays and to 6pm Fri/Sat/Sun.

Collaborative Puzzle Prints

Puzzle Prints are woodcut prints made in collaboration with hundreds of artists from all over the world. The Great Instigator gathers a bunch of artists, makes a giant design on a block of wood, cuts it up into tiny puzzle pieces and sends each puzzle piece to an artist. Each artist designs and carves a tiny woodcut under the theme of the project and sends back to me, er, I mean the Great Instigator. Once the puzzle is complete and put back together it is printed as a great big woodcut and each artist receives a copy of the entire print.
So far we have completed a 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8-panel print, panels are each 22x30 inches or 56x76 cm.

The last two projects also had a book published with reproductions of the entire print, photos of each participating artist's piece along with a blurb by each artist, project notes/photos and some very sophisticated artistic blah blah as an intro with some puzzle print history thrown in for good measure.
City of the World 2012 and the Fantastic Garden 2013 (in color) are available in Amazon:

To date 480 unique artists have participated in five puzzle projects, the latest one, the Peace Puzzle, in progress. Artists please update your resumes with this latest exhibit and thank you all for playing!

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