Sunday, October 4, 2015

Quick update and an upcoming gig


I have been up at Ft Worden in Port Townsend, Washington for the annual meeting of the Nature Printing Society 
Wonderful time! I both taught and learned, hiked and saw sunrises and sunsets. More on a later blog post with pictures.

Update on the Peace Puzzle

I left about 25 prints to be printed on the Flow block and have only two more to go. That means roughly 300 prints and I will be counting down in the days to come. Printing resumes promptly tomorrow and will continue at full throttle until finished. 
I still have to finish building the book-colophon to send to all participants, photograph, collate the prints and mail the whole shebang. Give or take three weeks worth of intensive work but I can now see the distant finish line through the haze.

Gig alert!

Only one gig left this year, in nearby Scottsdale Arizona, really Phoenix area. All the details upcoming here and on my Facebook page so stay tuned. I should have my location very soon and I may give away some tiny prints and other fun things. I love this setting and the whole downtown Scottsdale area, very cultural, very nice to walk around. Here are the details:

Scottsdale ArtFest 2015
Nov 21-22
Downtown Scottsdale Arizona

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