Friday, October 23, 2015

Mammoth progress steps!

Progress Update on the Peace Puzzle

Let's check the check-list published a few posts ago and see how we are doing, shall we?

-Finish printing (roughly 3 days) - DONE!

-Finish image composite in high resolution and send to printshop to make posters (by weekend) - DONE!

-Finish colophon/book and send to Create Space (Amazon) to proof and print (another week or soish) - DONE! 

-Stamp all prints with our official Peace Puzzle 2015 stamp (half day) - working...

-Collate 160 sets (the other half) working...

Yet to do:
-Wait wait wait for book and posters to arrive back to me (...) ETA for posters October 28, ETA for books November 4
-Mail out 160 neat packages plus the backers (non-artists) packages (roughly 4 days)
-Go hiking in the Sierras like John Muir and come back six months later enlightened, skinny and with a long beard (six months) (looking forward to this one, especially the beard part, I've never grown a beard before)

Peace in Print: 160 Artists Make Peace

Honestly I didn't think I would finish the book by now but there it is, up and running, waiting for CreateSpace to send me my 190 books, some for participants and backers and some for extras. And the posters for book inserts have already been shipped! Still waiting on the large size posters for other backers of the project.
Soon available worldwide through Amazon online, print and e-book, and on Kindle:

ISBN-13: 978-1518740633 

ISBN-10: 1518740634 

Peace in Print book cover soon available in Amazon


While I wait I can collate the prints and stamp the backs, should be done in a day. Then I may begin taping the tubes and boxes and inserting the prints but I don't want them rolled up in there longer than they need to be. I can also prepare the spreadsheet for importing into my mailing widget so I can quickly crank out the mailing labels when the books get here.

Estimated mailing dates for artists and backers are November 8-10

I have an urge to clean up the garden and trim some branches and breathe some fresh air too! After a whole week of 14 hour days at the computer, I need some serious exercise in the open air, sun and sky.

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