Thursday, August 1, 2013

Who? And more tiny dwellers...

Important Dates and Notes

Only four weeks to go to the deadline! August 31st is fast approaching.
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Two More Tiny Creatures!

These two contributions from our friends in Brazil are just marvelous additions to the Fantastic Garden. I placed the familiar fairy on the flowering Purple Sage and just under the blooms of one of our Chatalpa trees, a hybrid of the Mojave Willow that is said to take winters a bit better. The flowers are magical, much like the fairy!
The tiny elf under his mushroom had to be placed in the nestling branch of a fallen elm, away from danger and all the big things that lurk in the garden. When I walk my "real" garden I often marvel at what lies afoot under the safety of the canopy.

Fernanda Maria de Castro Solla - Santos, Sao Paulo BRAZIL

Maria do Rosario de Castro Solla - Santos, Sao Paulo BRAZIL


I just can't help myself! The friendly and ever-watchful owl simply sits on the very strange pedestal provided by the Cereus chalybaeus. This night flowering long stemmed cactus is hardy and very big! The strange growths are simply stems that never grew, whether because of freezing, stunting or just a caprice of the plant. This particular cactus started out as a two-inch potted plant in my father's apartment balcony. When he moved in with us, we brought it and planted it in our desert garden. Our memorial Cereus is now 7-foot tall and continues to spread and flourish (are those two tiny hearts in the stem in the background?).

Anyhow, here is Mike Morris and his winking owl.
Mike Morris - Spokane Washington USA
mikemorris877 at

Here, just outside Spokane and facing Mt Spokane, many members of my family have worked to create a colorful, fragrant, bird-filled garden that we love and enjoy throughout the year.  Owls are frequently heard in the neighboring pine forests.  They are special birds.  I wanted to include one that is winking at all the contributors to this international effort.

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