Monday, August 5, 2013

Meanwhile, back at the office...

Blog Page Updates

I try to faithfully update the Participant Page to reflect the current status of things so if you wonder where we are in the project, here it is:

Also, the Accountability or Accounting page has been updated to reflect that I ORDERED THE PAPER!
Yay! Hurray! The last big expense is mailing back the prints so I think we will be close to scratch again. Excellent!

Blocks Trickling In!

Your lovely blocks are all coming in now at a furious pace and finding their partners in "the box". "The Box" is simply, er, a box where they all mingle until I am able to place them in their proper places. I am one carving day away from being able to start that process; the last skeleton block is about ready!

36 blocks are in and I have 34 colophon entries. Don't forget to fill out the Info as soon as you have an image on the works.

That's it! More photos of blocks coming soon.

Only four weeks to go to the deadline August 31st!

Fantastic Garden Headquarters:

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