Thursday, August 22, 2013

Latest arrivals to delight all!


The first peaceful contribution I placed among the cool branches and fragrant pods of the Arbor Vitae. Well watered and properly drained, this evergreen does well in our area and is a welcome sight in our desert landscaping.
The second I again placed in the hardy Oleander (Azalea) which has a knack for flourishing and flowering wherever it is found. Should be all be so adaptable!
Finally, faced with a couple of blocks that clearly belonged in the water, I resorted to floating them in our pool. Not really. I liberally used Photoshop in order to float them in our pool. The flowers in the pool were happily floating so I placed the fish in the water by them. No blocks were drowned in the process, although leaning over the water with my camera on hand could be thought as reckless. Anything for art!

Michael Palmer - Bozeman, Montana USA
I have done soft block printing for many years, but have never carved in wood until now. It was fun and a learning experience! I wanted someone meditating in the scene. Is the person sitting in a fantastic garden or are these fantastic thoughts floating by?
Leslie Halpern - Beloit, Wisconsin USA
William Evertson - Connecticut USA
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Our gardens surround a pond that is home to several Koi. I wanted to share one of these beautiful creatures for the Fantastic Garden.

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