Thursday, August 29, 2013

Only 24 remain a sea!

Coming Home

Blocks are coming daily now and am trying my best to keep up with posts. I want to thank all participants for your wonderful and varied images. Our garden will be awesome!
Only 24 of 92 remain somewhere on the rough seas, sailing their way home (I hope). The Fantastic Harbor awaits you little blocks!


Frank Trueba - Felton California USA

I'm crazy about ginkgo leaves and so for me to consider any garden to be fantastic it must have ginkgo leaves!

Karen Macauley - San Jose, California USA
"There was a squrrel danced, and under that was I born."
-Much Ado About Nothing, II.i (loosely quoted)

Andy English - Ely ENGLAND
The Allium is possibly my favourite flower and one that features in my work from time to time. It was interesting to explore its form through woodcut, rather than my usual engraving, using a mixture of gouges and knives. The two birds are something of a signature of mine and so they are shown flying here, above the flower bed.


Deadline is HERE!!!
Don't spend extra money on expedited mailing, though, but do try to mail blocks this coming week.
As of today, only 24 participants have yet to return their blocks.

Finally, don't forget to send in your image information using the web form on this page, exactly as you would like it to appear on this blog and on the Growing the Garden printed book:

Fantastic Garden Headquarters:

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