Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Waiting for me!


Unbelievably as it may seem, I took my first vacation of the year just this past week. Here I am with my Mami, relaxing a bit after a hearty platter of clams on the blissfull waters of Morro Bay, California, Pacific Ocean, World, Universe.

Seriously now...

Blocks waiting for me

Upon my return, I found these beauties awaiting me! Fifteen, count them, fifteen! beautifully carved and varied blocks added to our garden. I found out that I am not quite used to being back in the heat yet, but nevertheless persevered in photographing the entire lot this morning.
Blog updates coming at you in the next days.


Deadline is a-looming! Two more short weeks until ALL the blocks are s'posed to be here. Don't spend extra money on expedited mailing, though, but do try to get the blocks back to me in the next couple of weeks.
As of today, 54 participants have returned their blocks and I have emails from 8 more.

Finally, don't forget to send in your image information using the web form on this page, exactly as you would like it to appear on this blog and on the Growing the Garden printed book:

The Book

Growing the Garden will be a full color book with all the prints, all the panels, all the information from participants and an illustrated sequence of the process. I am shooting to have it published through Amazon in both printed and ebook formats. The printed book will retail for $29-34 depending on how many pages I end up with.

To pre-order a printed book at author's cost or $18, you can send check, money order, or PayPal anytime before the project ends. Once the book publishes, the early bird deal ends. Use email address 1000woodcuts at gmail dot com for PayPal. I will then put you down for a pre-ordered book and send it once it is published.

As usual, all participants get access to the PDF version after I put that together and everyone receives a summary "map" of the garden with names and locations of all participants, along with their prints.

That's it! Get those blocks in!

Fantastic Garden Headquarters:

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