Saturday, August 10, 2013

Three more garden puzzle pieces

Enjoy three more contributions!

Two hardy trees in my desert garden are the Aleppo pine and the pomegranate tree. Both have waxy coating on their leaves and thus conserve water and both require deep but little watering. The pomegranate gives us mighty fruit all winter long. So many that I place them in buckets for passersby to pick up. 

Tiny rabbit just belonged under the blooming blue sage, a Mojave native bush that seems to enjoy hot summers and graces us with violet blooms when it feels like giving us gifts.

Guadalupe Victorica - Monterrey MEXICO

I was raised in Baja California México. I always admired ALCATRACES, the ones Diego Rivera painted.  For the first time in my life when I was 28 , I saw ALCATRACES  “in person” in Monterrey, there were two giant vases of maybe 100  of these flowers.  I was in awe and still am when I see one.
Achim Nicklis - Seattle Washington USA

Maria's Comment: I loved the simple carving of this piece!
I balanced under a growing pomegranate...fruit, flower... 
Paul Davis - Corrales New Mexico USA

In my garden rabbits are a persistent plague,
so in the Fantastic Garden
I put the rabbit to sleep
under a magic mushroom.

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