Friday, August 23, 2013

More puzzle pieces

Here we go! 

A clever contribution from Ohio placed among the flowering Chaste Tree. This hardy purple flowering fool survives here with almost no water and regales us with blooms during spring, summer and fall.

Next are the lizards! Plentiful in our Nevada gardens, these clever creatures seem to outsmart my cats by crawling into the wood pile. They keep insects in check, grow colorful and feisty, sleep through the winters and frequent fences, trees, and any which where they want to be.

The toadie I had to place by water but this time the pool seemed too...clean? We keep various bird baths hidden under the deep shade of trees and bushes for the birds, the feral cats, and whoever else wants a quick drink in the desert heat. Why not a toad?

Gayle Wohlken - Burton, Ohio USA
Since my puzzle piece was shaped the way it was, I could only see it as a wooden shoe. Therefore, it became just that.
Carolyn McLeod - Reno, Nevada USA

Seven lizards
Ruth Egnater - Michigan USA
Regnaterrn at comcast dot net

We have many frogs and toads living nearby in our wetlands and the last 2 springs they are somehow hatching in our sump pump. I have to run around and catch the little buggers, some as small as a fingernail. And to my extreme horror I learned while picking one up, that toads can SCREAM, LOUD!!!!! So a nice big fat and juicy toad for the fantastic garden is on its way.

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