Saturday, August 24, 2013

Garden growing like crazy!

Must be fall

In the fall the desert revives again, just as soon as the nightly "lows" drop below the high-eighties. Such is our life! Our winters are delightful though. Most of our desert plants will bloom now until the cool mornings set in.

First contribution shows an entire lively garden! Since there were birds in the image, I placed them safely among the branches of an acacia.
The bee belonged among the pods of the sweet Honey Locust. We inherited two huge rows of these trees when we bought the property and most of them have survived. The sweet "beans" in the pods seem to attract many creatures, whether still on the tree or after they have fallen. In the winter, the pods mulch the soil and smell sweet and thick.
Finally the bunny and playful doggie belonged on the mixed grass. We keep a meager lawn for the dogs and to refresh our sight in the green. I figured the bunny had been attracted by the dandelion flower and decided to stop by for a snack. They look happy!

Patrick Armstrong - Thunder Bay, Ontario CANADA
Charles Morgan - Victoria, British Columbia CANADA

Whenever I think of a garden, I always think of the great variety of insects that we should find there. Alas, we have distributed so much poison that the number of insects has been drastically reduced, just in my lifetime. Of particular note is the catastrophic decline in honey bee populations. So, this is my modest effort to populate our garden with this much needed friend.
Bea Gold - Los Angeles, California USA
I love my garden. It is a play place for me and my dog. Go girl go!

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