Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flying garden denizens

My neighbors in the Arizona desert

I just know you love all the trivia I've been writing so here is more for you. Arizona and Nevada, although neighboring "desert" states, have vastly different natural flora. This is mostly due to the much colder Nevada winters of the Mojave desert and the higher humidity and rainfall (yes, not a misprint) of the Sonoran desert. Saguaros, the massive cacti that thrive all over Arizona, would croak in a second in the Mojave due to the dryness and the frequent freezing in winters.
Now you know.

Despite some difference, we desert dwellers all have to withstand hot summers and enjoy mild winters. And we do share some similar plants and flying critters that are pictured below. The buzzing fly (nice detail!) was placed on the prickly branches of the Catclaw Acacia, a hardy and prolific bush that can grow the size of a tree. If you wonder why the name, try cutting one of its springy branches sometime and...well, you'll know!

Both deserts also enjoy hummingbirds, the jewels of the sky! and the hummingbirds enjoy the nectar of the Desert Willow. Really a Mojave native, this hardy plant enjoys the Sonoran climate as well and thrives wherever there is scant and deep water to be had in washes and dry riverbeds. This particular hummingbird was very nicely and deeply carved!

Wendy Willis - Phoenix, Arizona USA

Love being a part of the Fantastic Garden. My piece was inspired by a heavier than usual in flux of flies in our area this spring...
Dana & Brenda Diller - Prescott Valley, Arizona USA
Since Arizona loves its hummingbirds, Brenda drew the design and Dana did the carving work. It was a collaboration that we hope will be continued.

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