Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pieces, pieces, pieces

Three More

Marilynn Smith - Nahcotta, Washington USA
Flowers  are one of my favorite things to paint or carve. My image staarted with a begonia from my hanging basket out by the bay and evolved into a flower for the Fantastic Garden.

Paulette Olive - Phoenix, Arizona USA
The inspiration for my piece is the flora present in the southwest United States. I found a prickly pear cactus bearing fruit, photographed it and carved it's likeness to represent the plants that grow in this part of the country.

Randie Feil - British Columbia CANADA
From the time I was old enough to enjoy observing, reading about, and drawing them, insects have fascinated me.  The backyard of my childhood home was home to various species, but it wasn't until I was perhaps eight or so years old that I found a Junebug.  I'd never seen one before and so I popped it into a jar and headed off to the local library, where a thoughtful librarian showed me how to use the card catalogue (this was the 1970s) to find a suitable reference book.  Libraries (and Junebugs) have been amongst my favourite things ever since. 

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