Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I am starting to load up the rollers!

So close...

I received my shipment of paper with word that the backordered 100 sheets of beautiful Stonehenge Natural are now on their way. With that, I can almost start to proof these beautiful blocks and begin to tweak and tinker. Almost!
Huge thank you to Daniel Smith for their generous discount and superb customer service!
Ten blocks have yet to arrive, with only two people that have not contacted me at all. Good thing because I have tons more ideas for my substitute blocks than just two. I guess I will have to choose.

Just the other day, my cats brought in what looked to be a rather strange scorpion but ended up being a two-tailed lizard! One of the tails had grown out of an injured part of the other and was sticking straight up in the air like a scorpion's tail. I would have photographed the poor little thing, but I wanted to get it out of its "play-dead" trance as soon as possible.
While I carried it carefully toward a cat-free zone, one of its eyes kept opening just a crack to survey me and my intentions. I carefully placed it under a protective leaf and by the time I returned with my camera the clever two-tailed dude was gone under the yuccas. You'll just have to believe me...and wait for the image!

Anyhow, here are three more contributions.

Ellen Shipley - Santa Clarita, California USA

Every garden has its weeds, hardy less-than-appreciated plants bent on staking out their own little corner of the world. My dandelion lady is having a "Bad Hair Day." Haven't we all? ;-]

Carol Myers - Watervliet, Michigan USA

This fairy sculpture that is in my real and fantasy garden is especially meaningful, as it is the same fairy that my 27 year old daughter Lizzie had tattooed on her back. 6 weeks after she was married in 2012 she became ill with autoimmune liver failure, and after five months of critical illness and hopes of a liver transplant she succumbed to complications. I can still hear her musical laughter and see her delight in butterflies as she becomes a part of this fantastical garden.

Mark Vosmeier - Fort Wayne, Indiana USA
It's Harvest Time in the Fantastic Garden! There is a bumper crop in the garden, and Mr. Scarcrow decides to share some corn with two of his former nemeses., With a sound so reminsicent of those old cartoon magpies, "Heckle and Jeckle," the following conversation is overheard:
First Crow: "I say, ol' chum, isn't this corn simply scrumptious?"
Second crow: "Indubitably, ol' bean, most indubitably!"
Both crows and Mr. Scarecrow (altogether): Ahh hahahahahahaha!

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