Friday, September 6, 2013

Sunny Garden

Three More to Enjoy

Ah yes, the sun ever-present in the US Southwest. About this time every year I wish for respite from its powerful rays. But then again, a deliciously mild winter around the corner. The "rays" of the Yucca seemed appropriate setting for this block.
Lizards abound here, keeping the bug population in check and my cats entertained. They often scurry up block walls and hibernate in stucco cracks; the block was held up precariously by that stick in the picture (it is a professionally trained stick) while I snapped the photo.
Lastly the texture of the leaf immediately reminded me of one of the trees that did not survive one summer and had to be cut down. The wood texture changes every year as it dries out and provides refuge for tiny insects.

Diana Hartley - Phoenix Arizona USA

Welcome to Arizona where Summer spends the winter and Hell spends the summer.Every garden needs a little sun and we have plenty to spare.
Simona Hernandez - Sacramento, California USA

Happy garden surprises…a lizard discovered by excited children and last year’s squash seeds taking root this year!  My garden is your garden.

Allan Greenier - New Haven, Connecticut USA

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