Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fantastic Garden is nearly complete!

More Denizens

Dorothy Schultz - Calgary, Alberta CANADA
Bulrushes are a favourite image and I thought their odd shape and fuzziness fit well in our fantastic garden. Loved participating in this project!

Carol Hetherington - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory AUSTRALIA
It’s nerve-wracking, isn’t it, when you get that little piece of cherry – you have only one chance to cut a design; there’s no starting over if it doesn’t work.  That’s my dilemma each time I’ve received that little block from Maria.  I get very enthusiastic and put together a wish list of possible designs.  I’m a novice woodcut printmaker so my confidence slowly ebbs as I discard one design after another as being beyond my capabilities.
In the end I decided on the white Warratah (the gorgeous red Warratah is the floral emblem of New South Wales). My initial carving looked cleanly cut and I was happy with it but then I read Maria’s comment that we should carve deep as some plates had to be re-carved last time because the carving was too shallow.  My block doesn’t look so neat and cleanly cut any more but I hope it prints OK.  My inspiration for this subject stems from being a long admirer of (Australian) Cressida Campbell’s beautiful White Warratah (and all her woodcuts).

Linda Beeman - Owosso, Michigan USA

My biggest fear is losing my eyesight. Legally blind without my glasses, I sometimes need help FINDING my glasses if I set them down not in their usual place. Losing them...well, I would have to just sit down and not move. What would happen if I drank the 'shrink potion' like Alice did? My glasses would hardly fit me any more and I'd have to leave them behind. What would I be able to see in that world? Could I find my way? Would I be absorbed into the textures and colors? Scary thoughts. Intriguing thought for an artist.

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