Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Together we travel!


Four of our clever friends from Brazil sent their blocks all together in one neat package!
What a great idea to keep each other motivated and save money on postage. Excellent...oh, except for I had some serious  catching up to do this weekend.
Fortunately artists never take time off, so here are two of the new arrivals.

The first is a classic garden fairy, delicately rendered. The carving is actually deeper than it looks and I trust it will print quite well. I magically floated it among the seeds and droopy leaves of the Shoestring Acacia, a tall handsome tree that requires little water and gives us "babies" every spring. Acacias are known for being prolific (also called "weedy") and soon I will need another acre to plant them all; I hate just pulling out and tossing the baby trees.

Marcia Campos dos Santos - Santos, Sao Paulo BRAZIL

Next is one of my favorites so far, a tree frog! I love this little guy. I balanced him easily on a strange green trunked and branched tree appropriately called Palo Verde (Green Stick), a native of the neighboring state of Arizona. This particular one is really called a Blue Palo Verde, a name that makes us native Spanish speakers cringe. To add to the confusion, the Blue Palo Verde regales us every spring with such an abundance of yellow flowers that sometimes branches fall off under the weight. I suppose Blue Palo Verde con Muchas Flores Amarillas (Blue Green Stick with Many Yellow Flowers) would have been much to long a name.
Anyhow, here is the lovely perching tiny frog.
Renata Salgado - Santos, Sao Paulo BRAZIL
repapel at gmail.com

What is a garden without their small creatures???

Fantastic Garden Headquarters: http://puzzleprints.blogspot.com

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