Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fun About the Pond

In my spare time...

Printmakers make prints, it's really a fairly straightforward "business plan".
So while waiting for my puzzle blocks to return for the Fantastic Garden project, I made a print! If you recall, the Fantastic Garden was funded partially through a so-called crowd funding platform. Some of the rewards offered were four panels of the preliminary sketches that sprouted into a full blown garden image.

This print was made for a exchange. That's another thing printmakers do so I will revise my business plan to: Make prints, get prints. Still pretty simple. Basically we are a group of woodblock/woodcut/relief printmakers who chat about making prints online and to prove that we aren't all talk, we also physically exchange prints every quarter of every year. This is Exchange #57.

About the Pond

So here it is, the About the Pond Sketch Doodle in full color, exactly three weeks and two days after I started it. Got carried away I guess.

Print Title: About the Pond
Paper Dimension: 10 x 15 in
Image Dimension: 8 x 12 in
Block: 7 Cherry plywood
Pigment or Ink: Daniel Smith Oil Based
Paper: Somerset
Edition: 50
Comments: About the Pond is one of four images related to the Fantastic Garden Monumental Puzzle Print, a collaboration among international printmakers.
The images derived from the large puzzle print are playful and fun, both to draw and to render as woodcuts.
For this image I went back to my beginnings and used the creamy and sweet smelling oil based inks. Printing on dry Western paper is virtually problem free. Because of the opacity of the inks I also went back to my old method of printing all colors first, then key block at the end.
And here are some details:

Frolic! Jump! How refreshing THAT looks, ey?

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