Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Lady Fairy and a Lady's Mantle

Two more pieces, our garden grows

The delightfully fair Lady Fairy balanced perfectly among the summer blooms of the Mexican Bird of Paradise. Okay, so I'm holding it up but only with two fingers while my other hand holds the camera still enough to take some pictures. Don't try that at home, I'm a professional.
The Lady's Mantle was precariously balanced (without my help) among the flowering branches of the purple sage, who thinks it is spring again due to the recent showers. For those of you fellow desert dwellers, the term "showers" refers to those rare occasions when that wet stuff called "water" falls from the sky, otherwise known as "rain". Our hardy plants smile when they get wet!

Jeanne Norman-Chase - Sarasota Florida USA
studiojnc at
"Always fascinated by dragonflys, fairies, childrens books, etc. The theme was perfect. Only needs some color to bring it to life. The fairy is emerging from her cocoon, her flower to join her fellow crittersI collect dragonfly anything and fairy images. In my next life I will come back as a childrens illustrator. Or maybe even a fairy!!!!!!"

Marguerite Ogden - Hallowell Maine USA

I mostly create monotypes so I knew this would  be a challenge  but I wanted try something new. Of course, this project really intrigued me as well.  I have made linoleum cuts in the past but wood is very different. Luckily, I had my grandfather's wood cut tools and good friends who helped me sharpen them, loaned me extra tools, and gave me good advice. After making elaborate drawings, which I wouldn't have been able to cut, I decided on using Lady's Mantle from my garden as inspiration.

And with that, I'm out of blocks to show you!!! 

Carve, carve!!! Send them in, my fellow conspirators!

Important Dates and Notes

Only two months to go to the deadline! August 31st is fast approaching.
Please send your image information as soon as you know what you are doing via this page:
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