Monday, July 8, 2013

Ruth Leaf's Contribution and a Mystery Solved

Ruth Leaf

I confess Ruth is my favorite all time printmaker. She is the author of the ageless Etching, Engraving and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques. I am pasting the link here. Unfortunately as I understand it, Ruth doesn't get royalties any longer! But her words are wise and the book is still the basis for many a printmaking course in Universities and Colleges.
She is also an incredible artist and relief printmaker and I am proud to own and display some of her prints. So why the plug? No reason, I just love Ruth and felt like telling the world!

Here is her contribution, nestled among the African Sumac mulched leaves and just below one of our favorite hardy "volunteers", the Mojave Globe Mallow. The Globe Mallow sprouts here and there all over the desert. Water it and it grows faster but also dies faster. Any bush, grass or tree that grows and thrives out here by itself earns my respect. The flowers are bright orange and the stems a delicate pale ash green.

Ruth Leaf - Venice California USA

Mystery Solved

A while back I showed a mystery block carved by my other favorite printmaker David Bull. Dave churns away in his Seseragi Studio in Japan and now has accomplices to help him fill the world with woodblock prints. His wise words are best heard first hand through the amazing rich media book Your First Print,

If you recall, his block was carved from a single delicate line and the critter hidden within was...well, hidden! Today I succumbed to temptation and decided to pull a print just to see what it would look like. I sure hope we can do it justice when printing the big blocks!

Here are the block to refresh your memories, and the print I pulled with an enlargement. The beastie revealed!!!

David Bull's block to refresh your memories
The printed beastie!
Larger view, look at it for a long time and you will enter
an alternate reality...ommmmmm

Important Dates and Notes

Only two months to go to the deadline! August 31st is fast approaching.
Please send your image information as soon as you know what you are doing via this page:

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